B2B MEMBERSHIP Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy and Security Policy
First date of release: 27.05.2014
Hidir Usta: HIDIRUSTA OTOMOTIV A.S. / Türkiye
Web Site: www.onlinehuma.com
Customer: Companies or representatives who sighned this agreement
Privacy Policy
Hidir Usta commitments
1) Customer informations taken by Order Form or Membership Form are processed and stored in Hidir Usta System. Customer’s personal informations are used clearly in accordance with the Law and will not be stored longer than necessary.
2) Customers have authority to access, change, block or delete these informations. These requests must be delivered by User Operations İnformation Menu of the System or by sending e-mail or fax.
3) Hidir Usta does not have authority to share customer’s (company or personal) address to third party side.
4) Hidir Usta has right to save ID info, internet IP address, physical location of that IP address, user ID and other informations of computer entered to the System and use these data to check out for licenses it has. In case of desagreement, log records of Hidir Usta will be used as evidences for legal authorities.
Customer Obligations
1) Website Data can not be copied or shared without authorization of Hidir Usta. This includes data moving to another web space or physical space, such as paper.
2) Customer can use these data only for personal business operations. It ıs forbidden to give, share, copy or sell these Data to third party side without authorization of Hidir Usta.
3) Hidir Usta reserves all rights of compensation for material damage caused by failure to comply with this agreement.
4) In problems or disputes regarding procurement and payment between Hidir Usta nad customers, Istanbul Courts and Executive Offices authorised to solve. Moreover, Hidir Usta has right to apply for Courts of customer’s address.
Security Policy
Hidir Usta commitments
1) Company Info / Personal Info entered to the System are protected by 128 bit SSL standart certificate accepted by the Sector.
2) Despite of all security precautions taken by Customers and Hidir Usta, there are third party sides who try to gain or steel these informations or general informations from Website or connections from customer’s computers by illegal ways. Therefore, Hidir Usta despite of taking all security precautions accepted by Sector, can not guarantee the safety of customer’s informations. Customers can not ask for tangible or intangible compensation form Hidir usta and accepts this in advance.

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