B2B MEMBERSHIP Sales and Terms of Use

Sales and Terms of Use

Sales and Terms of Use (Business Contract / Sales Agreement)
First date of release: 27.05.2014
Hıdır Usta: HIDIRUSTA OTOMOTIV A.S. / Turkey
Web site: www. www.onlinehuma.com
Customer: Companies or representatives who sighned this agreement.
1. General information and Scope of validity of the Agreement
1.1 This agreement will be applied for all business relationships, current and future. All deals and supplies belong to terms below.
1.2 Our company focused on working with business companies. All deals with Real Persons are out of this agreement, therefore General Business Contract can not be applied on. Thus, if Real Person users will become a member, they will automatically accept these terms.
1.3 According to Business Contract, users who are not associated with any business and professional independent activities are Real Persons.
1.4 According to Business Contract, users (Business Companies) who are associated with business and independent professional activities are Legal Persons.
1.5 According to Business Contract, customers can be Users or Companies.
2. Subject of the Agreement
2.1 Hidir Usta publishes all products of dealer companies and also sub - industry alternatives with stocks and prices. These informations are part of Hidir Usta website.
2.2 These informations will be updating regularly, so there will be no need for Users to update their system.
3. Offer and conclusion of the Agreement
3.1 Offers are not binding. It is classified to make changes according to mind.
3.2 Agreement between Customer and Hidir Usta enters into force after reading and accepting all terms and conditions written on application form in Hidir Usta website and sending the agreement to Hidir Usta with signature and stamp.
4. Personal Information Protection
4.1 Customers have right to reach, change, block or delete these hidden informations. For these demands, they should send an E-mail to info@hidirusta.com or contact by fax.
4.2 Hidir Usta do not have autority to share or give Customer’s ( company or Real Person) company or home address or any information to third party side.
4.3 Hidir Usta has right to save ID info, internet IP address, physical location of that IP address, user ID and other informations of computer entered to the System and use these data to check out for licenses it has. In case of desagreement, log records of Hidir Usta will be used as evidences for legal authorities.
5. Copyright / License
5.1 Copyright entirely reserved. (all rights reserved).
5.2 Hidir Usta has all rights on content of Web application and for publishing, editing, making any changes and user rights.
5.3 Date on Web application can not be copied or distributed without authorization of Hidir Usta.
5.4 Customers can use this data only for personal use.
5.5 In order to use our Web application, you can choose your hardware system for best performence in “Help” menu.
6. Terms of Result
6.1 This agreement is subject to the Turkish Commercial Law and Debt. .
6.2 This agreement is to be used for maintenance of commercial activities of customers and in this agreement customers is not counted as “ consumer “, therefore law number 4077 of Consumer Protection Law can not be applied on this agreement.
6.3 In problems or disputes regarding procurement and payment between Hidir Usta nad customers, Istanbul Courts and Executive Offices authorised to solve. Moreover, Hidir Usta has right to apply for Courts of customer’s address.
6.4 If General Business Agreement and personal circumstances added to it, partially or wholly loses its legal validity, terms of operation will not be effected. Terms that lost their Legal Validity, should be changed with proper and suitable new terms.

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