B2B MEMBERSHIP User Terms & Membership

User Terms & Membership

Membership and Terms of Use
First date of release: 23.05.2014
Member: Whose membership information is saved into the system, who accepts all terms and conditions of this and related agreements and in return gains a User ID and Password. They can be Legal Persons or their representatives as well.
User: The person who has User ID and Password, who can benefit from the system. All Users are the Members at the same time.
System: Online Ordering System is being published at www.onlinehuma.com
User ID: An e-mail address in order to enter into the system by the members.
Hıdır Usta: HIDIRUSTA OTOMOTIV A.S. / Turkey
After entering the system, members will automatically accept “I have read and accept the conditions of membership“. Also, members can read “Terms and Conditions of Membership” by clicking on 1. Article.
1) All Members and Users will accept terms of agreement below:
- Sale and Terms of Use
- Privacy and Security Policy
- Shipping, Returns and Warranty Policy
2) Members/Users will have the User ID specified by themselves. User ID is private for Members and the same User ID will not be given to different Members/Users.
3) Password will be known only by the Member/User. Members/Users can change their Password whenever they want. Password choice and security are Members/Users responsibilities. Hidir Usta will not be responsible for problem regarding Password.
4) Hidir Usta will not share or describe Members/Users’s informations with third party side.
5) Members/Users are responsible for entering true and correct information while filling the Application form and in case of the uncorrect information their application will be canceled automatically. If Members/Users will forget or loose their User ID or Password, their membership will be automatically cancelled.
6) Members/Users can use whole or selected parts of the system which will be decided by Hidir Usta.
7) In case of acting contrary to this or related agreements, Members/Users shall be out of use of the system and furthermore their membership shall be ended.
8) Hidir Usta can hang on using the System for technical or other problems, can slow down down the service or fully end for serious reasons. Thus, Hidir Usta will not have any obligations to ask or share this with Members/Users.
9) After filling the Application Form with true and correct informations, access to the System will be given by Hidir Usta. In case of necessity, Hidir Usta has the authority to cancel the access to the System for a time period stated by Hidir Usta.
10) Hidir Usta will not commit or warrant in providing service on time, present secure and correct service, true and trusted information given by the website and quality of expected service.
11) In case of coming accross with technical problems in future, Hidir Usta has the authority to change or add new terms to this or related agreements.
12) Hidir Usta is not responsible or obliged to inform Members/Users with these changes in terms of the agreement. Members/Users are responsible to follow from Main Page of the System.

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