CORPORATE Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility for Hıdırusta Automotive is more than an obligation but a form of behavior. The company aims to be an example for its employees, customers, suppliers and the sector in general with its corporate social responsibility project in a range of social areas from the environment and sport to health and education in its efforts to touch the lives of more people and create value. 

Following the mining accident in Soma, Hıdırusta Automotive gave support to the Association of Turkish Psychologists and gives great importance to occupational training and education. In light of this, the company took the first step towards a long-term partnership with the Private İkitelli Organised Industry Zone Anatolian High School and paid for the occupational books for the more than 600 students studying in the Automotive Technology department. Events that aimed for the students to get to know the sector from close up were too a part of the project. 

The company brought the “Responsibility Is in Our Blood” project to life in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent and many employees as well as partners donated blood as part of the project. The project will continue and be expanded in future years.

At the same time, Hıdırusta aims to make “Greenness” a part of the company’s culture and has over the last two years given all converted all proceeds from sales during Forest Week into saplings, thereby leaving a better inheritance to future generations. 

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